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Maria Mountain's Shutout Academy

Shutout Academy

Maria Mountain's Shutout Academy

Save 42% on Shutout Academy

Offer Description

Regular: $47 USD per month, Eli WIlson Exclusive Members only $27 USD per month.

This gives each person a new complete off ice training module each month that includes mobility, stability, strength, speed and stamina training.  This program synchronizes with your season.  So during the in season, the workouts are shorter with an emphasis on speed maximum strength and mobility.  During the off season the workouts are much more intense.

Students also gain access to a private Facebook group where they can ask questions, talk about strategy, equipment all in a very supportive environment. 

This program is only available to goaltenders 14 years of age and up.


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Revealed to Eli Wilson Exclusive Members only

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Shutout Academy

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